TEIGE offers its electrical services across all three market segments; Residential, Commercial and Industrial. Our service is delivered where and when you need it, TEIGE can service your remote installations and can attend a site any time of the day (or night).



TEIGE’s residential services provide homeowners, investors, and property managers assurance that the electrical work conducted in their valuable assets is completed by skilled, experienced, and licensed electricians. Conducting all electrical services such as wiring, lighting, power, and appliance installations we also conduct scheduled testing on switchboards, smoke detectors, and HVAC units.



Our trade technicians are experienced and skilled in their trade. TEIGE has the ability to undertake all forms of electrical work required on your commercial premises. We understand downtime hurts and TEIGE service technicians understand the value in planned maintenance tasks to enable you to maintain the hassle-free operation of your electrical assets.



TEIGE has considerable experience in completing service work for the Defence industry and infrastructure. TEIGE has a strong ethos for delivering high-quality maintenance services and asset management systems to ensure its clients are comforted by the fact their assets are managed effectively and well reported.







TEIGE technicians have experience working remotely in the Northern Territory. For periodic inspections of infrastructure and assets, it’s often required to travel long distances and carry the equipment and spares necessary to address unforeseen issues with little to no local support. So if you need inspections, testing, or periodic maintenance on assets anywhere in the remote regions of the Northern Territory, TEIGE can and will deliver.

From planned maintenance tasks to urgent breakdown rectification work TEIGE does it all. TEIGE is your one-stop-shop for all forms of maintenance on electrical equipment. TEIGE has significant experience in the maintenance space and has developed many policies and procedural documentation to go along with the periodic service work we provide. From residual current device (RCD) testing, switchboard auditing, smoke, and fire detection systems we test and document it all, so you can have the assurance that your equipment is protecting your most valuable assets, your people.

Sometimes problems happen, and when they do, they tend to happen outside of your normal business hours.  TEIGE will respond to emergencies at all hours and can facilitate a 24 hour a day response for its clients. We understand that some electrical emergencies are time-sensitive and aim to repair these urgent electrical problems as quickly as possible.  TEIGE is also available to respond to larger urgent electrical repairs required after storms and other natural disasters.


Over recent years the industry has evolved considerably as technologies develop and become more economical, efficient, and accessible. There has never been a better time than right now to assess whether adopting modern technology is beneficial to you. Whether it be installing more efficient LED luminaires, or installing renewable energy systems like a solar system to offset your energy usage, TEIGE is here to help. Reducing your energy usage through efficiency and careful product selection is a passion for TEIGE.