As well as all the general electrical services TEIGE offers, we can also proudly provide specific product guidance, selection, supply and installation of the following;

Air Conditioner

TEIGE is committed to the adoption of split-system air conditioners that use the modern R32 refrigerant. R32 is a single component refrigerant that is not only a lot easier to re-use and recycle but it offers higher efficiency and more flexibility in installation through longer pipework. R32 is a low global warming potential refrigerant gas and has zero ozone depleting potential.
The good news is, most air-conditioning manufacturers agree that R32 is an optimum choice for refrigerants and many offer it in their products. TEIGE is more than happy to help you select, then supply and install a split system air conditioner to fill your heating and cooling requirements. Alternatively, TEIGE can arrange an install-only quote for you if you would prefer to source and supply the equipment yourself.


LED lighting provides a lower operating cost due to greater energy efficiency and a significantly greater lifespan when compared to traditional incandescent lighting. They also offer flexibility through the choice in colour temperature for traditional lighting circuits to complete control of the whole colour spectrum for specific or accent lighting. TEIGE electricians are experienced in the application of LED lighting products within the home and can help guide product selection, supply and install product that can tie into existing home automation systems.

In order to book in the installation of LED globes under the Victorian Energy Upgrades (VEU) program, click here.

CCTV Camera


Video surveillance systems in the past have been expensive and often considered a drastic approach in a residential setting. However, through technologies advancing it is now possible to have a home security system installed at a much more affordable price. A home security system has the benefit of deterring criminals and potentially assisting through an insurance claim. With remote access, It can even be a valuable tool to check in on your pets throughout the day. TEIGE has access to many varied security focused products and is able to discuss your requirements with you and offer suggestions for your specific use-case.

Home Electronics


Growing in popularity is the installation of smart home products. Whether you are looking to ask your favourite voice assistant to turn on your lights, or change the temperature of the room, TEIGE has experience with the many forms of home automation systems that are available to Australians.
Many products we supply and install can be tied into existing smart-home and home automation systems. Alternatively, we can setup your devices to work together if no system is currently in place. If you have any questions about products, their interoperability and compatibility or are looking to automate electrical devices in your home contact us and we will be happy to chat about what we are able to provide.



Legalities aside, modernising your smoke detectors to mains powered, and connected smoke detectors can be a huge benefit in residential settings. Even if you forget a setting on your smart home system, your smoke detectors are always at work to protect your most valuable of assets. TEIGE recommends battery backed up mains powered units. Added benefits can be found by installing smart home compatible detectors that can not only warn you of increases in smoke and gas levels locally, but wherever you are via your smart phone.  TEIGE can supply and install a number of mains connected, networkable, and smart-home capable detectors.
TEIGE also provides annual testing, for the ultimate in peace of mind. So if you are a homeowner, investor or property manager, we can provide documented assurance that your smoke and heat detectors are functioning correctly.

Solar Panels on Roof


What better way to offset your energy use than using renewables. ‘Green’ electricity has never been more affordable than it is right now.
TEIGE isn’t just another fly-by-night operation, we thoroughly research all the products we recommend and install, and it is extremely important to us that we get it right. We will only use products that are proven performers that are high quality and reliable. There is often government-based grants and incentives available (that are forever changing) for solar installations and TEIGE will be there to help you navigate and explain those so you can maximise their financial benefit in your installation. TEIGE will also back every one of our installations and will always be available to answer future questions and provide necessary maintenance and service to the equipment.
Additionally, battery system’s are becoming more and more popular with homeowners in Australia. Batteries help your solar installation provide you with the energy you generated during sunlight hours, to use in the more peak usage times, that are unfortunately often outside of your peak generating times. So rather than selling the excess back to your energy provider thorough the day, it can be stored and used during peak times, when you would ordinarily pay more from your provider.