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What's the catch?

A one-metery barra!!!

Have you seen the mountains of advertising material around the free lights and been wondering “what’s the catch?”

Quite honestly there is no catch, not for us, the energy consumers.

We try to ensure all of our customers who have contacted us for the upgrade understand the details of the program, which is all freely available information. In fact, there is many great resources allowing you to research how the program works. This video explains it simply;

The installation of new energy-efficient products creates energy efficiency certificates, called VEECs.

Essentially, the only way VEEC’s (Victorian Energy Efficiency Certificates) can be created is by replacing equipment/items with more energy-efficient ones. Calculations have been made to assess just how much more efficient a given product is and a certain amount of VEEC’s can be created. The value of these certificates will vary in the market (through demand from the energy retailers) but it is this value that allows the accredited provider to supply that value as a rebate toward the products and installation costs. In the case of residential installations where we can replace less efficient CFL, halogen, and incandescent products with LED’s, the rebate amount is enough to cover the products themselves along with the installation by a licenced electrician in its entirety. This won’t always be the case!

For more information about VEECs, the essential services commission have the following webpage:

VEEC’s can only be created by the accredited providers to the VEU (Victorian Energy Upgrades) program. So by allowing a provider to exchange your lighting products in your home, you surrender the ability to create the VEECs to that provider. But as they are the only ones that are able to create the VEEC, you aren’t actually losing anything. You only gain more energy-efficient lighting products for your home, which can ONLY reduce your energy consumption, the amount being unique to your usage of the products (we don’t want to try and fool you with fictitious numbers).

Of course, you can shop around for a provider. You have a choice in which provider you would like to chose to complete the upgrade, and that can be rather important. You should absolutely do some research if you can before you commit. We also encourage you to press the installer for their electrical licence and business credentials when they arrive. Make sure the person completing the install is the one you arranged! (it's sad that we have to recommend that).

We would be thrilled if you would consider us, as a small family-run business in Bendigo with a locally employed electrician. We have a lot to lose if we get it wrong, a bit of skin in the game if you would.

Having spoken to some of our more recent customers we want you to know that;

  • We won't leave you in the lurch. We won't be knocking on your door or calling you at dinner time and promising you an upgrade then never turning up!

  • We will absolutely come back if you have any problems!

  • We are a local Registered Electrical Contractor and Licence Electricians.

  • Your referral for business is the greatest honour, and we want to earn that.



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