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Probably going to bang on about this one for a while.

Moving into a new property? A great time to look at, and consider upgrading your smoke alarms.

Installing 2 new Voltex hard-wired and wirelessly interconnected smoke alarms into a clients new property is a worthwhile investment.


  • Two individual detectors - creating redundancy.

  • a hard-wired electrical supply - means no flat batteries and non-functioning alarms.

  • '10 year' backup lithium batteries - no need to remember to change your backup batteries.

  • and, a wireless interconnect - allowing both alarms to sound when either detect smoke.

Being the holidays, it's a great time to check out your smoke detectors (truthfully, there is never a bad time).

  • Check your smoke detectors are functioning using the test button.

  • and, make sure they are less than 10 years old.

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