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Not all free LED upgrades are created equal

Something we've been noticing more and more, as we continue to roll out commercial upgrades in Bendigo is that not all upgrade activity under the victroian energy upgrades program (VEU) can be considered equal.

Choosing the provider and/or supplier that uses products that will suit your particular application, and put in the work ensure you achieve better performance, can make a HUGE difference in an installation.

There is a lot of businesses in Bendigo that have been upgraded, seemingly very cheaply and quickly, by modifying the existing light fittings to retrofit LED tubes. This means, the often aging light fitting, remains in place with some circuitry bypassed and a LED luminaire installed in a fitting that simply wasn't designed for it. It reducing your energy consumption, sure, but at the cost of lighting performance.

When we upgrade, TEIGE uses a supplier of products that replace the entire fitting, with a fitting that is an integrated LED unit, meaning it is designed as a LED luminary from the get go.

The difference here is asonishing, check out this video highlighting the before and after in a classroom environment.

This means, that some bueinesses might still see benefit from the program, even if they have had an upgrade in the past (especially to LED retofit tubes). Of course, you might not even know what you've got installed, and in that case get in touch and we will check it out for you and see what options are available to you, by using the VEU to reduce product costs.

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