FREE In Home Display


Under the VEU Scheme (Victorian Energy Upgrades) – a sustainable initiative delivered by the Victorian Government, TEIGE is sub-contracted to an Accredited Provider, registered to install residential and commercial products completely FREE of charge.

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Interested in seeing your power usage at home in real-time?

Using the in-home display, you can see exactly how much power you are using, and when you are using it.



You’ll be able to;


  • Check your usage patterns.

  • Make informed decisions on when you run power-hungry devices.

  • And save on your energy bill.


How is this FREE?

Large energy retailers such as AGL and Origin are required to reduce their carbon footprint by acquiring Victorian Energy Efficiency Certificates (VEECs) to meet the annual target set under Victorian legislation. We do our part to create these VEECS by providing equipment and products designed to reduce energy consumption in residential and non-residential premises then sell them directly to the energy retailers.