As well as all the general electrical services TEIGE offers, we can also proudly provide specific product guidance, selection, supply and installation of the following to your commercial premises;



From residual current device (RCD) testing, switchboard auditing, smoke, and fire detection systems we test and document it all, so you can have the assurance that your equipment is protecting your most valuable assets, your people.



From planned maintenance tasks to urgent breakdown rectification work TEIGE does it all. TEIGE is your one-stop-shop for all forms of maintenance on electrical equipment. TEIGE has significant experience in the maintenance space and has developed many policies and procedural documentation to go along with the periodic service work we provide.

Air Conditioner


TEIGE is committed to the adoption of split-system air conditioners that use the modern R32 refrigerant. R32 is a single component refrigerant that is not only a lot easier to re-use and recycle but it offers higher efficiency and more flexibility in installation through longer pipework. R32 is a low global warming potential refrigerant gas and has zero ozone depleting potential.
The good news is, most air-conditioning manufacturers agree that R32 is an optimum choice for refrigerants and many offer it in their products. TEIGE is more than happy to help you select, then supply and install a split system air conditioner to fill your heating and cooling requirements. Alternatively, TEIGE can arrange an install-only quote for you if you would prefer to source and supply the equipment yourself.


LED lighting provides a lower operating cost due to greater energy efficiency and a significantly greater lifespan when compared to traditional incandescent lighting. They also offer flexibility through the choice in colour temperature for traditional lighting circuits to complete control of the whole colour spectrum for specific or accent lighting.
TEIGE electricians are experienced in the application of LED lighting products in commercial settings and can help guide product selection, supply, and installation of lighting products.



TEIGE technicians have experience working remotely in the Northern Territory. For periodic inspections of infrastructure and assets, it’s often required to travel long distances and carry the equipment and spares necessary to address unforeseen issues with little to no local support. So if you need inspections, testing, or periodic maintenance on assets anywhere in the remote regions of Australia, TEIGE can and will deliver.



Sometimes problems happen, and when they do, they tend to happen outside of your normal business hours.  TEIGE will respond to emergencies at all hours and can facilitate a 24 hour a day response for its clients. We understand that some electrical emergencies are time-sensitive and aim